011: When Mom Life Is not what you expected with Mary Foster


Mary chats about her work at a life resource center.  She shares about the joys and struggles of her own motherhood and how to respond to family/friends in unplanned pregnancy situations.

In This Episode:
-Mary’s work at  Woodbury Life Resource Center/ Woodbury Options for Women.
-How to respond to friends or family in unplanned pregnancy situations.
-When your child doesn’t sleep.
-The Love & Life Project
-Tips for speaking in a life-affirming way.
-How to engage in the abortion debate in a non-hostile way.
-At the closing of the episode, Mary shares her breastfeeding struggles (Insufficient Glandular Tissue).

What Mary is Loving:
-Praying at a little country church (St. Francis of Assisi)

Mary’s Mom Hack:
-Packing List

Hush Documentary
Woodbury Life Resource Center/Woodbury Options for Women
Contact Mary at 651.340.9062 or by filling out the contact form here with "Mary" in the subject line.