063: Making Friends, Simplifying, and Christ-Centered Goals with Sterling Jaquith

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In This Episode:
-In Part 4 of our series on Goal Setting & Intentionality in the New Year, Sterling Jaquith is sharing her thoughts on fostering deep friendships, simplifying, and achieving goals while keeping our hearts and minds on Christ.

 What Sterling is Loving:
-Embracing unusual seasons (being able to hike in January!)

Sterling’s Mom Hacks:
- Easy, healthy breakfast scrambles; Paring down the clothes/easy to match items for kids

Sterling’s website
Coffee & Pearls Podcast
James & Avila Study
Catholic Women Shine (Planner, Free Worksheets, Goal Setting)
Sterling’s books
Marian Consecration
33 Days to Morning Glory
True Devotion
The Life of Christ (book that played a part in St. Ignatius of Loyola’s conversion)

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