067: Preparing Our Kids for Mass and Parenting Gifted Kids with Ginny Kochis


In This Episode:
-In Part 3 of our series on Nurturing the Faith of Catholic Kids, I’m chatting with Ginny Kochis about helping our kids prepare for Mass, learning to love our kids more, and embracing them for who God created them to be. Ginny shares her journey to becoming an encourager for Catholic moms including struggles with postpartum depression, learning to parent differently-wired kids, and embracing the beauty and holiness amidst the messiness of motherhood.

 What Ginny is Loving:
-Alone Time (We can’t give peace, support, and stability to our kids if we don’t have that in our own souls.)

Ginny’s Mom Hack:
-Reminding ourselves that it’s okay that things are not perfect and there is abundant grace to be had. Not being so hard on ourselves and accepting opportunities for grace, growth, and peace.

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